Household Task

Royale care embodies trained support workers to assist assist with all types of essential domestic chores at whichever level you require. This type of support is designed to enable your daily independence, while also helping you to build the skills needed to carry out a range of household activities – all provided in the comfort of your own home.

  • cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Dish washing
  • Changing bed linen
  • Vacuuming and washing floors
  • Dusting
  • Essential ironing
  • Meal preparation
  • General house maintenance
Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Our team members have practical skills as well as the personal capabilities to provide competent and caring support that puts our participants at the centre of everything we do. These supports include

  • Maintaining social skills, and positive family and peer relationships;
  • Assisting you with written communication, completing forms, and paying bills;
  • Providing hands-on assistance with household activities including meal preparation, being a good neighbour, paying rent on time, domestic tasks etc.
  • Assisting you with shopping;
  • Supporting you to attend appointments;
  • Maintaining health and wellbeing

This type of support relates to the assistance of our clients in getting from one location to another, through royale care’ trained staff  rest assured you will get a safe delivery of transport. Transport supports include training to use public transport or personal transport-related assistance. Through this support we ensure that the client will be able to build their capacity to travel independently. This type of support is based on the participant’s disability support needs for example:

  • Taking you to your appointments.
  • Helping you get your shopping.
  • Supporting you with social outings.
  • Coordinating special vehicles to support your needs.
  • Assisting with mobility in and out of vehicles and to your destination
Assist-Personal Activities

This support Assist participant to undertake and/or advance skills to uphold their home environment where the participant owns their own home and/or has sole or substantial responsibility for its maintenance, this includes:

  • personal hygiene, including showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and grooming;
  • toileting, bladder and bowel management and menstrual care;
  • eating and drinking;
  • attending appointments;
  • use of aids and appliances, hearing and communication devices;
  • mobility and transferring, for example moving in and out of bed and on or off the toilet; or
  • application of splints, basic first aid due to injuries sustained as a result of a participant’s disability.
Development - Life Skills

Developing daily living skills and life skills focuses on helping the participant or caregiver become more independent. It includes supports that will improve the participant’s ability to travel alone, use public transport independently, maintain personal hygiene regularly, and do other activities.

Participate Community

This support assist with accessing community and encouraging community participation. This support involves this support helps people living with a disability to access mainstream and community services rather than providing activities themselves. This involves

  • Going to the local club/pub
  • Going to see a movie or a play
  • Medical appointments
  • Going to school/higher education
  • Job appointment
  • Regular appointments
  • Arts
  • Leisure and
  • Other community programs like Volunteering, and participation in public events
  • Referrals to allied health
  • Refferals to short term accommodation

Royale care is an excellent service! It’s amazing knowing that you’re working alongside professional individuals with an extensive knowledge of patient care.

Anthony Adam

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